App not recording steps for c.2 weeks


Hi all,
Reading the posts in the forum, I don’t think I’m the only one this happens to but none of the solutions seem to work that have been posted. Think I need some additional help!

I use IOS (iPhone 8) but the app hasn’t been converting steps since around the 20th Dec. I received an email on the 29th to ask for feedback why I’d stopped using it but it was on in the background as far as I was aware. I admit I’m not a regular user of the app but keep it open to collect steps so I didn’t realise.

I’ve deleted and reinstalled it, changed the location settings based on past posts but it still won’t register my steps. I can’t get the images to load but today I have c.8k steps and no coins and this is the same for the past week. Apart from one day on the 29th where it seemed to be working for part of the day and I was able to get 1.6 coins for 1.8k steps. No idea what I did there but can’t seem to replicate it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.