App Store - why are there two versions of the Sweatcoin app?


I had to reinstall Sweatcoin and noticed there are two different Sweatcoin apps! One has the auctions and the other still has the marathon offers but what makes it even more intriguing is the marathon offers are labelled as‘ new offer‘!

Could somebody from admin please explain what is going on as seems the marathon offers are still there in some circumstances or is it just for new users to entice them in?


Hey @DaveUK
Are you referring to the appstore showing two links?
Like that?

If so, the top image has the Apple Appstore “Ad” logo. If you look at the release versions, they are identical. I may be wrong but I honestly think this one is a fudge up by Apple’s ad selection process. I don’t think it’s two different versions. For a start, I don’t think Apple would actually permit two versions of an app without a distinction in the title or without one labelled as “lite” or some BS like that.


I believe you’ve got it - there aren’t two versions of the app released, I just checked Android and iOS appstores, it seems to just be bad ad selection on apples part :sweat_smile:

With marathon offers - as explained in the auctions post, that feature is still being tested. Not all users have access to it, so some users may still have the old feature / marathon offers in it’s place.


Interesting. I tried downloading each version and let’s you do either. One is auction and the other marathon offers. Regardless those marathon offers are not new offers but there you go.

Ashton I have seen you reply in the other thread - thanks.


Does it sync your sweatcoins between the apps


Could you please DM me a screenshot of your appstore / the two apps installed? This is interesting as we only publish the one app, sweatcoin.


Either ad or dupe. Most likely it’s an advertisement in the app store


Hi Ashton. Here are a couple of screenshots. The top one is the auction version and second one with ew marathon offers. Once downloaded they both say ‘open’. Hope this helps.


Oooo now this an interesting one @DaveUK, I now see why you would highlight this one :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Hope you don’t mind if i throw another spanner in on this one…

At least if you search for a health app, Sweatcoin being an associated app to advertise would make sense… However, when searching for an enterprise Active Learning platform app, I guess “active” may be the relevant keyword?!?

:rofl: Gotta love the marketing/advertising algorithms companies like Apple use.


All very interesting. I would imagine at some stage there will be just one app option in the store. Agree @Phatt.One Apple are very clever at how they set everything up.


Thank you! This is an interesting one - maybe apple needs to update their Ads they show :sweat_smile:

I’ll check it with our team anyway - thanks for bringing it up!