App won't run on my phone


Having trouble to share this problem on both the app and emailing it. So hopefully me sharing it here will get me an answer.

Recently, my phone fell in a puddle of water and as soon as I get home, I did what I can to dry it. Since I couldn’t take it apart (it is a non-removable battery type of phone), I had to do the rice method to soak up any remaining water.

Keep in mind when it fell and I picked it up, it was working almost normal except with the mic and speakers screw up a bit.

As soon as I restart the phone and check on the apps in the phone, the Sweatcoin app now refuses to work. It keeps saying that my phone does not support the app (although it was working perfectly fine previously before the slight water damage) and when trying to contact support, it doesn’t let me send the complaint.

I already tried uninstall and reinstalling the app and check the settings to be sure nothing changed. And the issue persist. Even when I update the lastest version of the app after noticing the issue didn’t resolve it either.

Here are the screenshots that I’m referring to my issue.


Hey! What’s phone are you using?


Its an LG K30. Have it a little over two years.

Didn’t have an issue with the phone previously since the app was running fine and was able to track my steps. It is yesterday that all of the sudden, it didn’t want to work despite my efforts.


I’m having the exact problem. The App just will not run.
Just a blank blue Home screen.
Been working fine before today.
Using Motorola here.


Well I’ll be buggered, Started working again now.