Apple Watch Complications


Just a quick note for Apple Watch users. Obviously, many users have been trying the new, updated version of the Sweatcoin app for the Apple Watch.

It’s definitely worth taking a look in the “Watch” app on your iPhone and checking out some of the new complications you can use with your watch face.

-View your steps on your watch faces.
-Shortcut access to the Sweatcoin App.
-Open your Boost start screen.

All as an active complication on your Apple Watch face!

Some handy features :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hey can you buy me one so i can test those features out :joy::joy::joy:


Hmm, interesting. Sucks though cause I’m a poor boy, only got the old Apple Watch Series 3 GPS Only 42mm.

So some of the new complications won’t work. Also sucks that you can’t have two workouts at once on Apple Watch and I’m mentioning this because you can’t record your run on Strava if you’re doing Daily Bonus.


me too :rofl:me too :joy::rofl:


I honestly have no idea if this actually is the case but I suspect it likely that the problem stems from the of recording simultaneous workouts to the Healthkit may be the route of the problem. If you try to start and record an Apple Workouts Session and Record a Strava Session at the same time, I could be wrong but I would imagine that one of the two will likely fail.

When you set up your first boost, the app asks if you want Sweatcoin to record it as a Workout. Just as I did, I would imagine many people would answer “yes” to this. It stands to reason that if the app gives the user a choice to record a Workout or not, that it is not essential to record a Workout for the Boost to function. Just as you wouldn’t be able to physically perform multiple simultaneous workouts due to the limitation of only having the one body to workout.

It might be worth setting up the Boost and selecting “No” when asked about recording as a Workout.

Just to mention again, I don’t actually know if this will work. It is only a theory based on what I know about the health get so far myself. I don’t work for Sweatcoin and i’m not suggesting this is a known resolution.

However, to disable the option and give it a try to find it doesn’t resolve the problem isn’t exactly a massive issue because you can just re-enable the option to put things back where they were.

I will likely put this one to the test myself tomorrow. I would do it today but I’ve already used today’s Boost. Of course, I’ll post the result here after testing it out.

If yourself or anybody else decides to give it a try first, could I please ask if you could post your findings in this thread or tag me if you post the result elsewhere, so that if this is a successful resolution, others AW users can benefit from the fix… especially coming up to weekend.

Multiple simultaneous workout apps stopping so Sweatcoin working was a problem I saw mentioned many times with the start/stop method of the previous version. Most forums pointed towards it being a GPS recording issue but now regular steps count in the Sweatcoin app and no longer get recorded as workouts which again leads me to believe that disabling the setting may finally fix the issue.

Just a point out, would also like to know if I’m completely wrong with this theory. :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I have only used the AW4 GPS with the current version. I did used to alternate between the AW3 and AW4 but as the new version of the Sweatcoin app drain next to nothing from the battery life, a charger will last most of the day now.


I’ll give you 10/10 for effort. If you check out the latest Sweatcoin Instagram post, they’ve just posted a chance to win an Apple Watch.


No i didn’t win lololol


Better luck next time


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