Approved steps not converting to Sweatcoins


Hi! I ve been using Sweatcoin for nearly two years now.
Yesterday some strange issues started showing and today none of my approved steps are converted into sweatcoins. I have done all the troubleshooting steps. Uninstall/reinstall, rebooting my device etc. but no change. Since the already approved steps are not converting I assume it must be some problem your end or with my account. Hope you can help and resolve. Happy to give more data and screenshots if required. Thanks!


The last 3 days I’ve lost about 20,000 steps and it’s not a problem with my steps not being approved/converted… They aren’t even being counted. They only seem to be counted if I’m actively turning on the app and monitoring my steps, otherwise, I can go on a huge walk without looking at my phone, with the whole thing not being counted.


UPDATE: my problem was resolved shortly after I posted. Thanks if you did something your end. It would be great if my already approved steps could be converted to Sweatcoins since they are lost this way but glad it is at least working now for any new steps I take.


Hello, I am also having trouble with step conversion which started today. I am a troublemaker, but the 2x conversion rate did not apply to my almost 11 mile run this morning. My app is up to date. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


I had a similar thing yesterday (11th june). The maths didn’t seem to add up!


Today, I believe a few people may have experienced issues where steps get approved but not paid. As far as I know the issue was resolved.
I thought I was in for a day of only getting the Boost bonus.


Do you have to do something to get the steps paid?


@UroDiva. Is everything back to normal for you now? I had the same issue but later in the day the problem appeared to be resolved. Not one of the verified steps from earlier in the day generated Sweatcoins. However, later in the day I went out again and the new steps did start convertIng.