Are indoor steps included in “steps detected by device”?


So just here to clarify something that I’m a bit confused about.

Let’s say I have 2000 steps detected by the device. Are the indoor steps that I took during that day counted into that total? Because when I force send my steps through the algorithm, sometimes it only counts ~1500. Now either, the total steps detected includes indoor steps and the algorithm is removing those from the afterwards validated sweatcoin steps, OR, the “steps detected by device” already exclude indoor steps and there is some unforeseen problem with the algorithm not counting my steps. Sometimes I’ve had some random number of steps like 72, and when I send them, it converts to 0 sweatcoin steps. I’m kind of confused as to whether or not those 72 steps were indoor and didn’t count, or if something happened (eg. force closing the app after sending) and the 72 steps were just lost.

Just need some clarification here.


Sweatcoin still tracks all steps due to the algorithm it works much better waking outside than inside although you can still earn walking inside it will take longer and more steps than being outside