Auctions on app


Hi I was just wondering why I still haven’t got the Auctions yet?


I hope you receive it


I wonder about that too…


Currently auctions are not available for influencers. Hope to change it pretty soon, we just need to update some underlying influencer’s mechanics to make it work for them and for us. If you are not an influencer and are in one of the official supported country, please, post your app username here and we will take a look.


It’s phucyou69. Should i expect it to come any time soon, or is it all a bluff


It’s not a bluff or something. Your account considered as influencer, because you’ve invited over 30 people into the app. The reason why we’ve decided to hide Auctions from influencers is that because we give 5SWC towards earned balance for each successful invite, and it’s totally fine for regular users, however we do not want influencers to spend their huge balances on Auctions, it doesn’t work that way. So, as was previously mentioned, we are reworking underlying mechanic of influencer’s reward scheme and once completed we will open up Auctions for them. Cannot give you exact launch date, but most probably it’s going to be early next year.


I only have 102 invites lol


Not enough to raise any bid


Oh wait so you mean the invite sweatcoins are worth less
If so people would stop inviting and all my efforts went to waste
One last thing, i think you guys should have the option to convert invites straight into cash because as of right now, i think there are no needs to invite people


I didn’t said or meant that. For regular users invites gives SWC which can be used towards Auctions, once 30+ invites reached we consider such user as an “Influencer” and there will be new rules for such users soon, which will allows us to keep Auctions active for them.


That’s really unfair treating the influencers differently. We should all get the same service from the App…
Im trained in Customer Services, maybe I can come up and show you guys how to treat your customers correctly


As said - we are working on a way to keep auctions going fairly for everyone, while we can’t give much information on it now we are trying to balance everything so everyone gets a balanced, fun experience :slight_smile:


Ive only invited 20 people so why am I classed as an influencer??


It says 30 people are influencers. If that’s the case. I have 2
More invites to suggest in a influencer. And I don’t want to be a influencer if I’m
Going to lose perks such as the auction. If I knew that would affect stuff in the future I wouldn’t of bothered. Your forcing influencers to invite more people to get better ticket items. Where as a normal sweatcoiner has all the prizes and perks anyway… it don’t make sense. You don’t reward influencers in a way you should to encourage them…


Hey mate, let us know your username, I’ll check about 20 and what is going on.


Influencers come not for Auctions, they come for cash, they invite few thousand people and get their cash within few days, some of them earn cash constantly during a year, they almost never walk for Auctions or buy TM. But, by inviting several thousand people they might engage in Auction, which we (and other users) don’t want, because all of their earned sweatcoins will be from invites and now from walking, competing with other users who walked for year or more, its unfair as I can see. Also, for us, as a company, paying influencers for invites is purely marketing, while Auctions is not, and pricing for marketing is different in different countries, while pricing for Auctions is not. Hope its make sense why we made this decision and why we are working on bringing back Auctions to infulencers in future.


Ok. So how much cash we talking Can you give us a sneak peak of the influencers market place via a screen shot maybe.


But inviting 30 new members is no where near any Auction purchase price


Hi pal I messaged you my user name


I was on the influencers market place once on my old iPhone. Must of been a little glitch / bug. However. I only saw. You had to invite more and more people to get more prizes. So if you invited 30 people to get into market place. You’d need another 50 to get a actual prize. It’s ok if you have a massive Twitter / Instagram following… or if you had someone famous / semi famous to tweet or gram your username with the invite code.