Auctions on app


I have a question. So. I see you either give the monetary value OR the item. So for example.

The peloton bike was what $2.5K.? So would I be sent the $2.5K in dollars. Or would I receive £2.5K in great British pound. ‘gbp’ as I’m English I would rather the £ and obviously $2.5K dollars in today’s currency into £ would be. £1876.21 today’s exchange rate. Because obviously. That is a big big drop


Using my very own experience, I won the Samsung Smart TV for my marathon reward.
It was stated in the email that the TV is worth USD $1300

What I got is the cash equivalent of the $1300 USD converted into Singapore dollar (SGD) as I am staying in Singapore. (Surprisingly, the exchange rate for TransferWise was much better than what I expected)

As SGD is much weaker than USD, so I physically got more in SGD (but still the equivalent of $1300 USD). Anyway, the physical TV might not be 100% compatible in the winner’s country too so cash might still be the best option.

However, if the prize is stated in English Pound as in the reward, I am sure they will be send the equivalent amount of that amount in English pound to be converted into whatever currency one is using.


All the prizes I’ve ever seen are in $. When I asked @Ashton is this the same for everyone globally he said he believes it is… but personally I feel like you should have a choice. Also in my own opinion I think there should be two auctions every 24 hours. This way. Others get a fair chance


2 auction a day will be great but it all depend on Sweatcoin willingness to payout. If the amount they are willing to pay out is base on the current value, changing to 2 auction per day will effectively mean half the value for each auction.

Personally I would prefer the payout on a rotating basis. Maybe changing every 6 hours (still at 1 auction every 2 days). However with stagger arrangement, members will still complain as maybe lousy rewards are allocated during their timezone (due to the wide variety of rewards of various type and value)

I personally would prefer only a standard reward like maybe USD$1000 cash instead of various gift card or miscellaneous items but this again might be out of the budget for the app.


I only have 20 invites but I am considered an influencer so I cannot see the auctions which is unfair @khmelev