Automatic update intervals suddenly above 2,000


Is there a way to override automatically sending steps to update every 2,000 steps? About a week ago, one of my friend’s updates started coming with more than 2,000 steps: like 2500, 3672, and yesterday 13,867!!!


@JSAX You can. If you click the ‘I’ button on the main screen if the app, and then ‘Analyze Now’. It should fix your issue


Hmm, I don’t see an “Analyze Now” option. There is a “force send”, but my issue isn’t wanting to send before 2000 steps, it’s that they aren’t being sent until well after 2000 steps.


What Update are you? And what kind of phone?


I JUST updated to the Dec 23 version and now I don’t even see the update feature? Please tell me they didn’t do away with that…

I did, however, find the Analyze Now button

And I have an iPhone X