Beeswax market offer


Hey all. I bought this offer for 400 SW coins a week ago, and the offer price has come down twice in that time. Firstly to 275,now its only 25,for exactly the same deal.
Feeling ripped off


I’ve noticed the prize price tag goes up when more gets claimed too lol.


I always thought it went up, but to go from the original 400 SW to only 25,is just rubbing salt in the wounds!


@Emma @Ashton reimburse this lad mate.


Prices for the offers can change at anytime - but if you DM me i’ll see what I can do for you :slight_smile:


@Kyle93 You’ll never guess. I didn’t get anything refunded, for my purchase of the Beeswax products for 400 coins, when it went down twice, and all the way to only 25 in less than a week. I’ve expressed my views on that. But it didn’t get me anywhere. Shan’t bother buying anything again.


No surprise my friend.


We’re actually in the middle of DMs about a refund :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Check my message :smiley:


@Kyle93 the refund could possibly be from Ashton himself, not the company. Still that’s, (finally) an attempt at some proper Customer Service. So we’ll done Ashton, pity it has to come from himself

Offers can be funny sometimes (Beeswax Wrap)

Have you received your beeswax wraps?


Still wondering.
Despite being ripped off SWC, at least getting the product from the green company


@ISh98 yes mate, I got the besswax products, within 10 days of ordering