Being made to link with Google step history


Hi there, sweatcoin is asking to pair with my Google step history, which I was initially quite excited about, however I’ve left it trying to pair for over five minutes multiple times and it has never worked. Is there a way I can stop it from asking to pair everytime I log on, or to fix the issue and have them finally pair so I don’t get the pop up anymore? Every time I open the app is a bit frustrating. Cheers!


I’m not entirely sure on this one, but you should be able to pair your Google step history in your phone’s settings. There should be an option to pair with your step history if you access Sweatcoin’s settings on your phone, but I can’t explain exactly how to do it, as I don’t have an Android :confused:

Unfortunately, if you can’t find a way to pair your step history, then I doubt the message will go away.