Benefits of TroubleMaker


Hi - does anyone know how TroubleMaker membership works please? What are the benefits of upgrading?

Thanks for any help.


You can earn 50 sweatcoins a day. That’s more or less it.

But you have to pay £0.99 a month to
Have troublemaker.


Thanks. Did I read that something is 2x which helps earn them quicker?

50000 steps would take about 7-8 hours of walking?


25-27K steps should give you 50 coins it’s 2x conversion rates. 1000 steps - 1SWC WIth additional bonus of 1SWC so 2SWC for 1000 steps.


Cheers Kyle. Little wonder the PayPal reward has been pulled as will be 1000’s of people who will get to 20,000 Sweatcoin fairly quickly. I wouldn’t even think the monthly Troublemaker subscription would be enough to offset it.

Even if you had 0 coins now you could get there in about a year and it would cost you about £12. Those already with a good amount of coins would be there in a matter of weeks.

Without a doubt there needs to be decent cash rewards or people will drift away.


Kyle I noticed from the forum (I love a forum) that in May you upgraded to TM but then had a much worse conversion rate. How has the conversion been lately?


Is there a threshold when x2 starts or essentially as soon as you hit 1000 steps you earn 2 coins? So if I did 10000 steps would earn 20 coins (approx) ?


No threshold matey. Trouble maker just doubles from the start line. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Sorry… and yes if you walk 10k the value would be just under 20sweatcoins :+1:t4:


The conversion slowed for me for a few days due to my phone losing data. Sorted itself out after a few days though mate. And no I started June 2018 so by April / May I should have 20K


Thanks very much. - very helpful.


Cheers Kyle. Seems as well to upgrade but do need that PayPal reward back. Not convinced it will be. Time will tell. Will make or break the future of the app.


I have some confidence it will come back.