Beyond Frustrating


I have been using this app a few months and I can honestly say its beyond frustrating. One day it works just fine and counts my steps. Other days nope. Its quite unfair that it is recognizing how many steps I have walked but yet I do not get the currency. If that be the case why shouldn’t I just stick with my samsung health if there is literally no benifits. I walk a lot for my job and thought ok this will pay off and it has been nothing but a huge hassle it seems. I have literally done everything they’ve asked to in The Help section and nothing has fix this. With how much these rewards cost in with this issue occurring by the time I’m 90 I might be able to afford something

It literally only seems to give me currency when it feels froggy


I believe I read that if it doesn’t work. Something w/ your gps. Or it can’t connect to GPS


Hey! An update was released which should fix android step conversion - please update and see how it goes!


That is just it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I am changing nothing. It counts all my steps, but then will not convert. I will try the update and hope for the best. Thanks for all the help.


Oh my god so not fair


This is still happening for me and I think I might have figured out why. While I work is when I get the majority of my steps and when I am there my phone is in my locker due to the metal detectors and regulations. I bought a galaxy smartwatch and it is still counting my steps on samsung fit but not here. Day after day I get more depressed. If samsung is counting shouldn’t this??? I have allowed all permissions possible. If i could have my phone on me I could but its not possible…


At present, only Apple Watch Gen2 and above wearable devices are supported by the Sweatcoin application. There has been mention that there are plans to expand support to include other wearables such as Fitbit, Android Wear and others but there has been no dates or indications of any precise timeframe as far as I am aware. However, I’m sure that once additional device support is either being tested or released, it will be made known through either the Sweatcoin App, the Community forum, Social Media etc. Or more likely all channels. So, it is worth keeping an eye out for more info and updates. :sunglasses: