Bought postmates delivery credit but didn’t get it!


I’m hoping to reach the support team maybe with my issue. I bought $110 dollar delivery credit and all I got was a link to download postmates. The account that I made following the instructions didn’t have any delivery credits, and I also didn’t get a promo code, which I need to get the credits. How do I redeem this offer?



I am having the same issue. Contacted Postmates to be told it is a Sweat Coin issue, but no help
Topics or contact method here. This is ridiculous when it has to be used in 7 days (which is crazy too). The same thing happened with the Tidal HiFi offer. I lost out on two months out of three!


Same thing happened to me… Postmates is telling me they will not honor it because it’s third party, and then another representative told me it was invalid because it was used too many times when I never even used it.


Same here… need to be sent the promo code


Hey! Please use the code SWEATCOIN – which should work for the next 48 hours. Sorry for any issues there… :slight_smile:


I tried using the code, but Postmates said it was no longer valid.


Please can you reach out to [email protected], where our support team will have access to your account and can take a closer look?