Brand New to sweatcoin


Hey Everyone! My names Curtis and I just downloaded and set up my account. It seems very confusing but I’m sure some lovely helpful people with give me some pointers!!



Hi there this is Lois,sweatcoin user for about 3 years,:wink:


Hey @Curtpill! Welcome to Sweatcoin commuity!
Would you be able to explain what you’re finding confusing? We’ll be happy to help and gather feedback so we can work to improve the app all the time :slight_smile:


Hey Emma, I’m just not sure exactly what to do. I mean I know your just supposed to walk and that gives you points. Then I guess your able to claim rewards? But what if the prizes aren’t what you want can you get just straight cash or money to PayPal?


Exactly – you walk and earn sweatcoins to spend in the marketplace. If you don’t like the offers, don’t worry – they change all the time so keep checking in. There’s only an option to cash out if you reach 20,000 which gives you $1k :slight_smile:


Welcome Curtis!:grinning: It’s a little confusing at first but you’ll catch on(I’m still learning too lol). Just remember not to shut it off in the background.