Breaker subscription charge


I noticed there was a charge on my account for a subscription to breaker? I never did this and it says it will charge my card December 30. I’ve been emailing Support and nobody is helping any suggestions?


Hi @Ellen I think you misunderstood sweatcoin does not charge your account. Instead it charges your sweatcoin balance and you can unsubscribe anytime


Thanks!! I thought so… but still I never subscribed to Breaker?? Don’t know what that is but it took most of my coins and I can’t see where to unsubscribe


No problem. All you do is go to your profile and click on change beside breaker. Select the first 3D shape on the list of 5 and click downgrade to 0.00/SWC per month and then you should be good. :grinning:


Thanks so much but I never requested it to begin with, how do I get a refund for the sweatcoins?


I am sorry but I don’t think you can get a refund you can try contacting Sweatcoin Support:
[email protected]