Bring back leaderboard?


I really liked this feature before which was leaderboard. Please bring this back, I love seeing how my friends and family have done plus it’s healthy competition. Maybe have one for the level you’re on e.g shaker what position.

What does everyone think?


Agreed… Was a very motivating feature


I agree, I found the ‘Friends Leaderboard’ to be an awesome motivator. Although, In my personal opinion, I don’t know if filtering by membership level would be quite as effective. For me, it was a greater motivation to see users clocking up a regular 20k a day when I was only able to kick in 5-10k a day, gave me that little extra motivation and a point to set my goals. Also you may have seen some users achieve well above their membership level cap and a few Breaker users that rarely finish a day over a couple of thousand steps.

Only my personal thoughts on the possible drawbacks.


I still feel it should be considered & having app badges on the profile. So if you hit you’re level consistently say weekly you should be rewarded.

What does everyone reckon? I love the app in general it’s easy to navigate. Maybe this has been mentioned but having a camera function where you can upload where you do you’re jogging/walking etc. It goes live on Instagram or something.


Let’s just push for trouble maker…


Looking forward to that, will definitely be upgrading when that is released.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m liking the suggestions :+1:t4:


I still have the leaderboard feature.
Maybe it’s only on Android.


I’m an Android user and the leaderboard disappeared after a recent updated. I didn’t really use the nearby feature, but it was a great motivation tool for myself and my friends. Without the leaderboard there seems little point in having the ability to follow users. If there are privacy concerns, the simple option is to give you the option to be part of the leaderboard. It’s also strange to take away such a great feature with no explanation.


My thoughts exactly. What’s the point of following users without the leaderboard


I agree, The leaderboard was the one thing that motivated me. It was fun to compete against my friends. I will most likely delete this app now that they took it away.