Bring back the great rewards


So a few months ago I loved the marketplace it had some great offers. Although the offers are still great I feel the app has not offered the ones that the community loved here’s some examples of offers I loved on the marketplace that I haven’t seen on there in a while…

NOWTV PASSES-absolutely loves this offer sweatcoin did and they did it very frequently and at an amazing price and I hope to see these offers again soon.

LOCAL OFFERS- although this isn’t to do with sweatcoin I did like it when I had a map that showed local shops offering products for sweatcoin I found that very Awesome

Now here’s some offers that I would like to see on the marketplace sometime that haven’t appeared before (at least I don’t think they have appeared before)


Thanks for reading


I suggest u should add a feature where we could buy playstation or Xbox gift cards, many people would download the app


where can I see all the offers, so I read on the forums things I would never learn myself that I could do, or that exist if it wasn’t because someone mention it in the forum!
I never see like more than 10 offers, right now I counted them and besides the 3 I can see for charity/donations there are only 8 offers displayed.


Hey @Paty201
The offers change every day, usually with one going and a new one appearing :slight_smile: Check back daily and see if you like anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you Ashton, I check them everyday… almost, I do navigate in the app more than 10 times a day… way more. I will keep aiming for the big rewards.

Will you ever address my other issue?, my friends not being able to download the app… just from Vietnam, or just not from Mexico and the US?


No problem! I’ve DMed you regarding your friends issue.


Thanks Ashton, was it via email?
I only use the forum in my phone, so the space in the display gets reduced, and I still don’t have skills to navigate the forums like a pro.
I will try to track my posts to find your answer.

Thank you!!!


I’m very dissapointed. I’ve lost money on things I try to purchase only to find out that you have to sign up for the product with a credit card I don’t have.


Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience. Please make a ticket in-app requesting a refund. Go to: Settings > Help > Contact Us then fill in the info.


I claimed the Now TV pass a few times - a fantastic offer for some like me who dips in and out when I find a good deal, but won’t pay full price (and doesn’t watch any live TV, so it’s all DVDs or streaming in my house). If I weren’t on another deal with them at the time I’d certainly claim that one again :slight_smile:

I think I’ve only claimed one other offer (supposedly got me money towards my mobile phone costs), but after claiming I discovered I had to do more to get it (and it wasn’t something I was prepared to do). I’ve not seen anything else to tempt me (and Netflix wouldn’t, as I already have permanent access to that), so I’m saving for one of the biggies…


Nowtv passes was the main offer I claimed I claimed about 6-8 passes of sweatcoin for it I skipped the entertainment pass as tv shows ain’t really my thing I was all about the movie passes and the occasional sports pass but they where very rare on the market


Don’t forget iTunes and Starbucks digital rewards it will be awesome plus simple and easy to withdraw the offer “ no need to wait for delivery :truck: :package: