Broken and Disappointed


So after fixing my first issue of connecting to google fit I decided to do some testing and see if there were any other issues, this is what i have found so far :

Phone Spec:-
Blackview BV9800 pro
6GB Ram
128GB Storage
Android 9

Huawei Watch W1

Only health apps on my phone are Google Fit and Sweatcoin.
On Watch Google Fit.

Did an indoor workout with my watch on amassed 7000+ steps over a 2 hour period, all steps were counted for by google fit, but when i checked Sweatcoin there was nothing waiting to convert, so i leave it, go into the local village taking my phone with me and my watch is still on, amass another 1000+ steps check Sweatcoin and 1000+ step waiting to convert.

So after checking round the forums and looking at the various issues I decided to look around the app noticed i had a message about battery optimisation, double checked all the setting and I matched all options to the info i could find on the subject (in the video below).

I kept looking to find in the settings of the app its self a battery saver option that is turned on which states “Some steps will be lost to maximise you battery life” I turn it off, back out then go back in and it’s turned on again, it refuses to turn off. I recorded a video as proof - link to video below.

ScreenCap Video

As a VR enthusiast i do a lot of indoor activity be it Dancing in the form of Beat Saber and Oh shape to hunting and fighting in Skyrim VR and Standout VR (which has pro fit running mode) the idea of finally being able to count my indoor activity was going to be amazing but all i have found so far is disappointment.

[Edit 1] I also remember the app stating that once Gfit was linked GPS tracking wouldn’t be needed any more but this is clearly not the case.

So in conclusion the apps
Gfit Tracking - Bugged

Battery saving mode

How did you fix the Google fit connection? I always get a white screecn like below


I used the answer given in the link below was to do with the account email :slight_smile:

Account Fix


Will changing this screw up my oauth/google logins for everything else?

Is it easy or even possible to change back?

If I can’t change back and it breaks the logins then it’s going to be a horrible week at work fixing all my account logins :frowning:


When I did it most I had to do was just put my password back in.

On my web browser I didn’t even notice it, if you go to do it there is an explanation of what happens before you confirm you want to change it.

I’d say go look at it and make a decision from that as you won’t have changed it but it will be better explained before you decide to do it or not :wink:

Hope this helps :smiley:


Thanks, I’ve gone ahead and changed it and synced up successfully.

It mentions while changing it that you can always change back anyway which is good.

Edit: well that lasted long, turns out I can’t login to things like at all and I can’t login with my email either as it forces me to then login with Google.

I’ve had to switch back for now, sweat coin will have to implement access for Gmail and googlemail accounts in the app authentication flow


Mine does the exact same thing for battery saver. I go for morning walks in negative weather and with this new update I might get 1 whole sweatcoin instead of the regular 4-5. What can we do?


Mine won’t accept any of my sweat coins and I have enough


@Msbethness There is not much we can do other than wait to see if any actual staff look to help us with the issues, after taking a look round seems the actual help is left to it’s own devices for the most part staff seem to be constantly tied up in other sections.

@Kmorgan13662 there seems to be alot of posts about this issue here:

If your running Android you could try whats suggested here:
Fix Android not converting.

Hope this helps some :wink:


New update today and the battery saver option in setting has been removed.

So it was either never needed or the removal may have just masked an underlying issue only time will tell but its a step in the right direction.

Will have to test Gfit to see if indoor has been improved/fixed