Bucket list rewards DISAPPEARED !? Bucketlist Trips on sweatcoin


what’s going on? Where have the bucket list rewards went they disappeared off my app, and I would have thought that they just sold out.
Except my friend recently signed up for sweatcoin and they have bucket list items…,…hmmmmmmmmm so they just disappear after your hooked :thinking:
Can someone explain
what’s going on here?


The bucket list items have been replaced by auctions.


Bucket list are available to newly signup as maybe the app assume that they are about to ‘‘belly up’’ soon …

But after tracking their steps for a while, guess those newbies are pretty fit after all and not going to ‘‘belly up’’ that soon so … LOL


Except my friend that just signed up has bucket list options on her rewards options. I do not, it must just be there temporarily to get you working towards it.


Hey! Could you DM me some screenshots of that please? I’d like to check this out :slight_smile:


I never heard about bucket list items… whats going on here?

in general… many people seem to have so cool stuff… I only get free app trials and 50% off codes