Can I get paid for my sweatcoins?


Hey, so i just Saw a website that says they Will py you PayPal cash for your sweatcoins and i was wondering if anyone has tried it and if it’s legit the website is called sweatcoinguide . com in case you say it’s not legit Then do you know any other way i Can get paid through PayPal for my sweatcoins? I heard some people talking about Selling Them to private users and i would consider that But the things is where Can i find people that is wants to buy sweatcoins? Is there like a discord or something?

Please help, thanks :slight_smile:


Anything involving P2P (Peer-To-Peer) exchange includes high risk and exposure to fraud.

Make exchanges only with those you trust, and only exchange what you are ready to lose if you do.


@ISh98 Do you know how i Can find someone that wants to buy sweatcoins?


I personally use eBay for that.

Again, Exchange at your own risk.


@ISh98 Alright, Thanks for you help🙂