Can’t send sms to activate the app


Hi there,

I could reay use some help. I’ve downloaded the sweatcoin app since three days ago and i still encounter the very same issue i can’t seem to get through. Well i can insert my name, give permission to the health track app, but as soon as it comes down to insert my country code and telephone number it just freezes. Is this issue known to you guys?


Wow - that’s odd! Could you let us know what device you’re using and the version of the app? Thanks!


Thanks for your early reply Ashton, i appreciate it.

The version 46.0 is the one i downloaded, and i’m using it on my iphone 8S.


P.s. Is there also a version of sweat coin for android?


Thanks for letting me know! And yep - sweatcoin is supported on android :slight_smile: