Can the extra 50% SWC earn from Trouble Maker goes into the Marathon reward


From a maximum of monthly 600 SWC to the current 1500 SWC, Marathon reward seems to be much easier and faster to achieve now.

Two quick questions

  1. Will the marathon reward going to be around for long or will it likely be remove within the next 12 months ?

  2. Can all the 1500 SWC earn monthly above Breaker status goes toward the Marathon reward ?
    (20,000 now possible with TM under 1.5 years unlike previously)

Can some official staff from SWC answer this question.
The answer for the above two questions will decide whether will i extend my TM status after the first month.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
    Oh and it’s double, not 50%


I would like to know also. My membership also depends on it.


Marathon offers are staying, don’t worry!
And yep, all coins you earn from walking will count towards the offers :slight_smile: