Can we vote offers back onto the marketplace?


Noticed a “today’s offer” has sold out within hours… Bummer… Can we vote the offer back in the future?
I noticed the PedPac wireless charger today went really fast. I would have loved to have bought that, shame i missed it. Can we set a notification when its due back in?

As a suggestion, can we maybe see things return like:
Bamboo reusable drink cup
Renewable stuff (general)

Mods. Can we get an upvote function to the post and pin it to allow the forum and the public users not on the forum to drive the regular offers by popularity and votes?


would be good to have a “like” button in app so that can be fed back to SC team to understand how many want to see product return and help schedule offers


Hey! Most offers will return after a short break to allow those that missed it another chance :slight_smile:


great thanks, will look out for that one, got 18K coins i want to spend :slight_smile: