Can you please also count steps while running?


Third time I’ve gone running just to have come back, pullout my phone and realize the steps aren’t verified.

To me it’s quite obvious you guys are probably treating the steps as suspicious and not converting them… But like come on I’m running, maybe the phones shaking differently and quicker, but more exercise is the point of your app isn’t it?


What @smokedawg12692 and I do before we start. Look at your phone before you start. Then you won’t be disappointed if the steps don’t count.


Yeah, it happened a lot of times to me too and it was indeed frustrating.

Before you go on a run or start any activity, check if the app is counting your steps.

What happens to me is that after I go idle for awhile, the app stops counting my steps.

I fix this problem by restarting my phone which restarts the pedometer, doing the trick for me.


I have checked the app every time, I think the reason is that in Holding my Phone in my hand or it’s in a pack. The pedometer is running, the steps are being “counted” just not converted, all other steps while walking (when my phones in my pocket) are.


same problem here :frowning:


When running my phone is in a pocket on a strap of my hydration pack. I’ve only had problems with conversion of the steps it recorded a few times (when the app is playing up for completely anyway), but I don’t think it’s ever been particularly off target with the step count - especially not since it started to grab that figure from google fit rather than counting them itself.

But I’m more of a plodder, so it could be a speed thing? 40-ish mins for a 5k, and 1hr 15-1hr 20 for a 10k.