Cannot sync to SWC yet again


SWC batt ![Map|635x500]

Was working fine for the last few weeks and today it is not syncing again. Restart my HP twice during my outdoor walk and restart one more time after my walk. Battery drain to 5% after around 9 hours of fully charged since I woke up around 4.30 am this morning (now it is 1:10 pm)
My Samsung Galaxy S10 is only around 6 months old
Base on past experience, there is around a 50% chance that I will be ‘‘cheated’’ of my 20 SWC again for not being able to sync for today.
Guess I just have to struggle for another year or two till I get 20,000 SWC to cash it and say enough is enough to this app


I’ve had the problem a few months ago. I installed the app new. A week after it everything was working perfectly again.