Can't watch daily bonus video


For 2 days I’m not able to watch the daily bonus video. It’s always checked so I can’t click on it. Taking at look inside my wallet: No bonus. So I guess it doesn’t work or I overead something like a limit.

Anybody else having that issue?


Yes why can’t we get bonus videos…I didn’t upgrade for nothing…


Have you tried forcing your steps to the server then force closing the app and restarting? I have discovered that sometimes the offer will not load or will not play back the video but this usually solves it. If for some reason this doesn’t work try reinstalling the app.

If the problems still persist, it might be worth your while to drop an email to Support.

Either way, please let me know how you get on.


Didn’t work.

So I guess I have to message the support.

thank you anyways for your help! :slight_smile:


Sorry it didn’t ort the problem. In most cases I have known forcing an app restart has worked…

However, that doesn’tmean to say there aren’t exceptions.

@Ashton Have you any further suggestions that may assist in resolving this one?


It happens to me many times and i found the Solutions try one by one until it works

  1. Try force converting steps

2.restart the app

3.restart your phone (this one works 100% with my phone)


Hmpf, I tried and didn’t work. :confused:


Hey - can you please DM me and i’ll check this out :slight_smile:


I guess I’m too stupid to find the dm-button. :joy:


Nope! You may simply not have access to it yet. Check your profile, I’ve started a DM with you :slight_smile:


I have noticed the following problem (and cant send a bug report because I cant attach a video… please change that)


Oh, wow… I tried it many times and it didn’t work for me. Because of your videos I tried to get the reward this way and it worked. Let’s hope it works again tomorrow.


For the FIFTH consecutive day I had to do a hard reboot on my phone multiple times to get the daily bonus. You make this shitty app and don’t maintain it. About time the clowns that run Sweatcoin get some professionals to maintain the app, because it’s a JOKE


Hey @phxprods
Sorry to hear that! Can you email us at [email protected] so we can take a closer look at this issue. Thanks :slight_smile: