Cash out feature


I’m loving sweat coin! Just converted 124 sweatcoin to £6.20.
My question is I am inviting my friends and family within the UK however they do not have the cash-out feature.
I checked if the IOS was up to date and the app was up to date, deleted and re-downloaded but still no luck? Any explanations as to why that might be?


Hey there at the moment cahsout is only available to a few members in the U.K. on IOS Devices :grinning:


That’s a shame ! :disappointed: I invited 17 people successfully & they all are the un lucky ones who are giving up on sweat coin.

Is there a reason behind why it’s limited to certain people? & when it will be rolled out properly?


Hey! The cashout feature is in beta right now, so it’s not available to all users while we test things out :slight_smile: Of course, we’d love feedback from users like yourself so we can make it better!


So why when i started sweatcoins ya’ll asked me if i wanted my sweatcoins earned on a paypal card or Amazon card and i chose Amazon…so whats up with that?


I was never asked whether I wanted my scoins in cash or other rewards. Actually when I downloaded the app all I would get was scoins and literally nothing else, as in nothing I could acquire for such scoins. I kept making sure the app would be converting my steps into scoins regardless of not finding other motivation than just seeing the app counting my steps day after day(…), for a lot of months I stopped caring and would probably just occasionally open the app to check whether or not it was still running (wich of course it was), and eventually forgot about it, then last winter I recalled I had this app installed and wanted to check it out… I was glad to find out they had added the market and now I was going to be able to trade my precious 700+ scoins for merchandise, I was immediately attracted by the idea of having $1000 usd withdrawn from an atm, or getting an expensive phone, or a big flat tv, wich didn’t happen… one: I don’t have the neccessary amount of scoins to trade in for such items and two: even if I did I am asked to have new users invited through my reference link and the issue is that my friends are not allowed to download the app because it is in it’s early stage (and “soon” they will be able to download it)

I just learned I am the only person in sweatcoin having this issue.
I downloaded and used the app for over a year in the USA, and I also tried to invite my friends and family in Mexico, finally one friend was able to get the app installed here in Vietnam.
This has gone beyond logic for me.
Instead of sending me links for articles to read send me the link where my friends and family can actually join whether you allow them to download the app or not, I am inviting people and you are recording my data.


Hey! For the marathon offers ($1000 offers) there’s no requirement to invite your friends to redeem it. Inviting your friends is just another way you could earn coins towards it, as when you invite a friend you get 5 sweatcoins bonus.


Hey! If you redeemed an amazon giftcard offer, make sure that you read the instructions given and check your emails.



I just joined the other day. The cash out feature seems fair as far as exchange rate goes. The biggest problem I have with it is the insane withdrawal minimum. $1000 for 20k coins? So if I use the app and max out every day for over three years, and you guys don’t go bankrupt or remove or change the option, I’ll be able to cash out. Seems like a huge risk on my part I’ll probably just uninstall. If I could cash out at $50 after maxing for 2 months straight I would be into it, but the withdrawal minimum makes me think it’s just more scammy than legit.


Hello Oreseeker, I agree with you on everything except for uninstalling the app, instead I am not doingdo the max scoins, I keep the free subscription and so far in more than a year and a half I have earned almost 1.2k scoins. I would love to be able to withdraw cash for smaller amounts also.


I think the line where it says steps + invites is just a guide to give you an idea of how long it will take to earn the $1000 Paypal offer. Swc from walking, daily rewards, and invites with your referral link are all considered Sweatcoins earned by you. If it did require invites to buy the offer, it would give a specific number of invites required. @Ashton I think it would be helpful if Sweatcoin added the words “as a guide” so it’s not to be confused or misinterpreted by Swc users.


Sweatcoins earned from walking outside, daily rewards, and with your referral link all count towards the $1000 Paypal offer.