Cash out to N26 no longer available


I see that following the update cash out to N26 is no longer available.

Got to hand it to you Sweatcoin. Earn yourself massive bonuses for getting users to sign up to N26 with the promise that this and ONLY this Bank account would allow cash out. Then reduce the cash out rate so that whereas previously you could get £1 for every 150 Sweatcoin, yesterday it was about 800. Thus ensuring users who delayed cash out because of the rotten exchange rate didn’t. Then without warning do an upgrade that removes the feature completely.

Very, very clever Sweatcoin. Trouser massive bonuses from N26 for all the users who signed up then remove the very facility they signed up for.

YOU keep your commission. We are left high and dry.

NOT CRICKET :rage::rage::rage:


Possibly I am the only person who used this feature? No-one else seems to miss it. I was earning about £5 a month.


I was using it too, but not been using it long and had about £1 to go to even reach the £10 that was the minimum you could draw out in cash, I believe. Don’t use my N26 account for anything else so I guess I’ll never see that ‘money’ now. Would have spent it as points if I’d known it would just disappear. Pretty shoddy (and shady) move, as you say. Maybe not enough people used it to make the sign-up bonuses worth it?


@Karen As far as I know there was no £10 minimum for N26 withdrawals, I was regularly withdrawing as soon as I reached the £1 withdrawal threshold. I believe there was a MAXIMUM of £10 you could withdraw per month. Hate telling you this as you could technically have withdrawn what you had before they binned it.

The N26 account is useful and I’m not sorry I signed up. But being able to withdraw gave Sweatcoin an actual value. I don’t have a pet and I’m not into mindfulness or fitness apps so most of the offers are pretty worthless. You notice you never get anything for free, it’s always 50% off or 20% off and most of these type of discounts are readily available elsewhere if you look hard enough. So in terms of being value for money pretty pants.


Yeah I would draw it out from Sweatcoin to N26 when I had just £1 or £2, but to withdraw N26 funds from an ATM I think you need to have £10 in there. I believe I have £9 something. Obviously not life changing but I loved the idea of actually being able to draw real money out as a reward for walking. That’s motivating! Getting a discount on stuff I don’t need and wouldn’t usually buy? Not so much. Maybe I’ll find other uses for my N26 account but not sure what they might be?


Witam, jak mam to odebrać??