Cash out value less than others


I have invited friends to sweatcoin and their conversion rate for cash out is 0.01 but mine is 0.006. I’ve been using the app for 2 years and in 2 weeks their SweatCoin cash out will be worth more than mine. Why is this?


I have had the same issue, my friends on 0.1 and I’m on 0.0064


Hey! The cash out exchange rate fluctuates, it changes all the time. Chances are you’re just checking at different times when the rate changes :slight_smile:


According to the graph in the app it isn’t fluctuating that much. Also, it has been on around 0.0065 for several weeks. No matter what time I look


We have both looked at the exact same time and theirs is way higher than mine. I’ve recently deleted the app and reinstalled and the cash out feature has gone. I understand if it is less for people with more SweatCoins currently, as it is a new feature, to try and prevent everyone cashing out in one go however I would like to know if it’s worth keeping the 2000 SweatCoins I have or deleting my account and starting again. Currently it seems more beneficial to be a brand new member.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. The cash out feature is still in testing, so bugs and little mishaps may occur. We’re testing different things out all the time, so you may get certain things different than your friends and family.