Change phone, but having login error message



I’ve changed my phone, but my phone number remains.

I get this error message.

Whoever that tells me to uninstall and install again, it does not work.

Please help me and let me know how I can solve this issue?

Please do not delete this topic.



The error means your device couldn’t setup a secure connection with Sweatcoin server as per what Official Sweatcoin Staff said before on Discord. Also, check if there are proxy or vpn settings on your mobile. That’s all I know they said.
I would try disabling the proxy or vpn, but this is just my opinion. I’m not a Sweatcoin Staff member.


Hi Ting,

Thank you for the reply.

But my phone does not have any proxy or vpn settings.


Hi! Please try the app using Mobile data if you were using Wi-Fi, or vice/versa.


Hi Ashton,

Thank you for the reply.

I have tried using mobile data and it doesn’t work too.


:thinking:Ok - thanks for bringing this up. I’ll let the creators know and see what they can do :slight_smile:


Thank you for helping Ashton :slight_smile: