Change Store Country


Hello There!
I’ve been on sweatcoin for more than a year now, almost 2 actually, and my question is.
When I first registered I downloaded my app from the US store as it was not available yet in Europe, and I had the chance to choose the Store I wanted.
But since a while I do not have that possibility anymore, and my store has dumb prizes that I will possibly never reach, for example my store only has the 20.000sweatcoins for $1000 PayPal, while instead the all the others had the 3.000 sweatcoins for $50.
Why did you remove that option? You either get better prizes for the Italian store or give the possibility to change The store manually again.
I really see no point to keep the app if all the prizes are almost impossible to reach.
After more than 2 years and walking at least 3.000 steps per day and collecting daily sweatcoins I only have 1.324,54 sweatcoins which are pretty much useless…
Oh, and there are days in which I walk like 15.000 steps and the app only counts less than the half of these steps, which is unacceptable.


So no answer…thank you sweatcoin team


Hi! Must have missed this one - Sorry!
The marketplace only shows your regions stores now, as lot’s of users would redeem offers not available in their country then get annoyed when it didn’t work.
As with your step conversion issue, please check out this article for extra help: