Changed phone and losing steps drastically!


I’ve been happily using Sweatcoin for a few years on my old LG G4 phone and enjoyed a good rate of step conversion and fairly accurate recording of steps in comparison to my Google Fit record.
However, I changed my phone about 6 weeks ago and moved to a Realme Pro 3. Since then, there is NO agreement between my Google Fit record and Sweatcoin (e.g. yesterday, 12,021 steps on Fit showing as 3,243 on Sweatcoin for just $0.61 in coins). It makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE if I adjust the phone settings to ensure battery-saving is turned off (with high drain to Sweatcoin), nor does activating the app during the course of the day make any difference (I will often take the phone out to look at the comparison between Fit & Sweatcoin and note that Sweatcoin has hardly registered any steps!).
Virtually ALL my steps are done outside playing football/soccer in wide open spaces so there can be no issue with GPS. I have downloaded the app to check my GPS and it exceeds the requirements for accuracy.
So what’s going on? I seem to be wasting my time using the app at the moment? Can this be fixed?


Sweatcoin staff or Admin, can you advise on this topic?


This seems like the app is unable to count steps to begin with - can you try making sure to open the app before you go for a walk and not force closing it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response Ashton, but I am already doing that regularly! I often take the phone out and ensure it’s active before minimising it (not closing it down), and it still doesn’t register properly. Yesterday for instance, my Sweatcoin registered 3,686 steps when in reality Google Fit recorded over 10,000 steps.


Hmm. Where do you keep your phone when you go for a walk? It may not have enough bumps to actively count steps


In my back pocket if I’m wearing jeans, in a little pocket above my bum at base of my back when I am playing football and if I’m cycling, it goes in my sock! In all cases, steps were recording fine with my old LG G4


If you can try having it in your front pocket, or even holding it during a chilled walk and see how it goes. Thanks :slight_smile:


Sticking the Phone in my front pocket has corrected the problem!


Well, not quite. Correlation between Sweatcoin and Google Fit is much improved (11,637 today versus 12,350 on Fit), but I only got $8.04 SWC?


Mine been like that for the last month or so, not even coverting 50% of my steps now, seems there are quite a few people suffering with this problem. I’m in uk and have a samsung s7 phone, tried all the setting changes sc have stated and tried uninstalling and re installing, still the same, even dowm graded my level now as I’m not even earning 10 sc a day, used to regularly earn the maximum 20sc daily limit. Must be something to do with the updates sc are doing to the app?


We currently aim for atleast 65% of steps converted, so you’re above average right now :smiley:

@Dude have you tried our tips on step conversion? Find them here: Click me!
If that doesn’t work, email [email protected] and they’ll take a closer look :slight_smile: