Charitable Efforts


Howdy, Sweatcoin users!
This is my second day using Sweatcoin. I love the concept of this app, especially as I can run and get rewarded. However, there’s very few people in my area using it, and I’d like to see more movement. If you could add me or post your username here, that would be awesome!

The fact that you can donate to charity is awesome, and a feature we should see more often on other apps. Similar to the monthly fee, I plan on donating 200 of my 600 monthly coins to charity. Does anyone else have any other charity commitments they’ve set for themselves? If so, I applaud your efforts! The people we’re donating to probably need the money a lot more than we do.

Posting my username first- @marathonman1881


I have to say I like the addition of the charity crowdfunding of Sweatcoins and judging by the continuous stream of donations both big and small, it seems to be proving a popular addition. I think I’ve donated 5000 SWC in total between the current funds.

It will be nice to see more charities benefit from the donations made by the millions on Sweatcoin users worldwide.

Oh, and my Sweatcoin username… “”