Checking rules on this cycling!


So i was reading the tncs and whist it dosnt say cycling is banned just maybe not as effective i work on my pushbike making deliverys for resturants so my day is a work out :slight_smile: is this within the rules of the program to do this dont want to get in trouble didnt really seem like help section was needed here as more a topic question

Thanks in advance



Hey @Ukmayhem :slight_smile:

It’s not against the rules! However, there’s a chance it may not be as efficient as walking.
Other users have tried this, and say that keeping the phone in their pants pockets helps it convert better.

We are constantly looking to improve our algorithm to ensure as much physical activity as possible is converted to Sweatcoins.

Let us know if you find anything that works better!


Thank for fast reply im not too worryed i ware my phone on my wtist for use of maps and ive found i got a stable avg yesterday losing some to be expected in amsterdam cobbled streets old as hell buildings just least if i can but some of the stats towards somthing good :slight_smile: