Circle of death / no step analysis taking place AGAIN


Same problem as Thursday. Yesterday it managed to analyse something, but approved an appallingly low number of steps (see post from yesterday with screenshots).

I have 17,006 steps awaiting analysis. The process didn’t start automatically in over an hour of my phone being connected to the internet, so I pressed the button to set it off.

Half an hour later (with no change to anything) I rebooted my phone and killed one other app (which seems to have issues with some other apps on my phone, but haven’t figured out which). Still not starting analysis automatically, and pressing the button is still leaving me watching the circle of death.

It doesn’t even seem to have tracked my ‘boost’ exercise this morning (it’s showing the ‘start 2x boost’ button again). I have managed to collect my daily bonuses though.

If I weren’t getting close to being able to claim one of the large rewards (I’ve earned over 15k coins in 2,5 years) I’d be walking away from this system now, as I’ve had sooooo many problems with it not converting over the last 12 months!

Moto E5 Play
Android 8.1.0
Sweatcoin 29.1


Sounds like you are having a nightmare at the mo. I’m surprised that admin have not sorted your problem yet. I’ve problems in the past but i have uninstalled the app and re-installed an older version which i know worked on my phone, i’m not sure if was you who told me to do this or someone else of here? Only problem with installing an older version is i don’t know if you would be able to upgrade to trouble maker? You can get all the versions of the app from apk. I feel your pain but hang on in there you are very close to the big prize.


I think I still have the file on my phone to enable going back a few versions - and I’m seriously debating it. A cap of 20 coins a day at 1x rate is significantly better than getting nothing at all. (I’m also working on the assumption it may not support Trouble Maker, but it appears I’ve nothing to lose by going back and checking.)

I’m starting to wonder if it’s the fact my phone won’t upgrade Android beyond version 8. My boyfriends phone has recently upgraded to 10, so I’m clearly well behind now. But I can’t afford to upgrade my phone, which I’ve only had for a year!! And if I had to replace it (if it broke) it wouldn’t be for a brand new model either, so I’d soon be in the same position again…


Most issues usually get resolved by just shutting down the app & restart for me!


Believe me, I’ve tried force stopping and reopening the app several times.
And rebooting my phone completely.
And closing other apps on my phone.
And uninstalling/reinstalling the latest version.

Nothing is getting version 29.1 of Sweatcoin to analyse my steps.

So last night I uninstalled it again, and reinstalled version 16.1 - the last one that gave me even reasonably reliable results.

I’ve collected my bonus just fine (now back to getting one a day, with the value increasing on days 2 and 3), and discovered that being on Trouble Maker means that gets doubled - so day 1 = 2 coins, day 2 = 4 and day 3 = 8. So I’ll not lose much there for having stepped back.

I believe Sweatcoin is counting my steps rather than pulling in from Google Fit. Google Fit has me at 28,232 steps, Sweatcoin has me at 28,231 - so no complaints with that.

Very few steps taken indoors as I don’t carry my phone around the house or office, but Sweatcoin has only accepted 23,275. Still much better than I’ve been getting the last few days with version 29.1

It recognises I’m on Trouble Maker with a daily cap of 50 coins, but only converts at single rate and has given me 22.11 coins. Whilst this is the way I’d expected Trouble Maker to work (to encourage us to walk/run a lot further), I’m still a bit annoyed that this would have been over 44 coins if the new version worked for me.

And I’ve lost the 2x Bonus for 20 minutes activity.

Even with the doubling up of the daily bonus, I don’t honestly think it’s worth me paying for Trouble Maker until a newer version of Sweatcoin works on my phone. Today is a fairly average step count for me, so over a month I’m only going to gain around 70 coins on the daily bonuses and 60 coins on the step conversion. £1.19 for 130 coins seems a bit expensive to me…


So I used the old version most of last week, and conversions were all fairly reliable (on the days I got off my backside - it was a week off work).

Last night I took a gamble and put the newest version back on. I’ve had a reasonable conversion today, but I did one thing different - I DIDN’T use the Boost function. I’d been using it for my first 20 minutes activity in the day (part of my commute walk or all of my commute run to work). On checking the app tonight it appears there’s been another update in the meantime anyway, as I was on 29.1 and I’m now on 30.0

So I don’t now whether it’s ignoring the Boost or the updated version that’s made the most difference, but I’m planning to stay away from Boost. I was only getting just over 2 coins for that (on a good day when the app actually decided to convert anything), so I’d rather have my steps converted to 43-ish coins instead of 0 (version 29.1 on a bad day) or 22-ish (version 16.1)

Tuesday 16th : 19,952 steps logged today (as per normal almost all outdoors). Stayed away from the Boost again. A pitiful 13,646 approved :frowning: OK, so the (almost) 26 coins I got is better than I’d have received in the old version, but it’s still touch and go as to whether it’s worth paying for TroubleMaker. It looks like payment was due today (says due in zero days), but I’m definitely not paying for more than a month at the moment.

Wednesday 17th : 15,263 steps logged. 13,485 approved. Still on the low side, but a much higher percentage than yesterday.


Well, after a few weeks of running well it’s exceeded it’s past reputation today…

22,657 steps logged

of which it’s approved NONE. not a single one!!!


Same issue, had to close & reopen several times to get it working but it did in the end!


Says 0 to analyse now, so closing / force stopping / rebooting my phone isn’t going to get me anything for today :frowning:


Apple health (I use apple watch 3) and every other fitness app has me at about 7,600 steps today. Sweatcoin percieved only 833 of these steps at all, only counted 763.

10%. Thinking about ditching this app entirely, I’ll never be able to redeem any rewards like this.


I’m the same. Since the 2nd of July, my steps stopped being counted for 10 days, then for the past 3,nearly 4 weeks, my steps have been adding up, but am only getting a tenth of what I should be converted too. All I get is, hmmmmm yes, we see there’s an issue, and that you have a Huawei phone, and that’s it, no apologies, no rectifying the issue. I should be earning on most days, 15-20 sweatcoins a day, but I’m getting between 1-3 Maximum. I feel your pain, Admins/Customer services, are really awful at there job