Club wars gangs groups


Hello fellow sweatcoin citizens world wide it’s been a while since I’ve made a post but here I am and boy do I have an idea for the competitive side of Sweatcoin so without any more delays let’s dive straight into to my suggestion/idea concept.

club wars/gangs, groups etc

So I actually have been touching on this briefly to other sweatcoin members and in Olegs recent discussions with the community but here I’m gonna try my best to explain it and get more details out for you.

A Club system so when we log on to sweatcoin all we have on the social side is an updates tab however with an implementation of clubs, clans whatever you wish to call them we can have a much more overall look on our fellow sweatcoin friends for example a club can have a maximum of let’s say 25 members. In the club you will have a leaderboard for you’re fellow club mates and a second leaderboard for all the clubs worldwide so how would this exactly work. For example you will compete against you’re clan mates for the most swc earned in a day (due to breaker currently being the highest level and with a 20swc limit the first person to earn 20 swc will be above a person who earned 20 later on that day you will have a daily, weekly and monthly leaderboard for your club buddies but the clubs vs clubs leaderboard will be monthly only. The clubs with the highest amount of verified sweatcoins earned will move up the leaderboard depending on other clubs progress as a little add on the winning club of the monthly club vs club leaderboard will receive a little badge that will be displayed on the corner of you’re sweatcoin profile picture to let people know of your progress with sweatcoin.

And that’s all today guys I hope you enjoyed reading this post please give you’re feedback good or bad doesn’t matter I’m open for discussion so feel free to leave feedback for me below