Coin flip invite game 💰


Here is a suggestion that will get people to engage more with their Sweatcoin friends and Sweatcoiners nearby

:champagne:COIN FLIP INVITE​:champagne:

Potential implementation

  • Head over to the leaderboard tab then pick someone from either your friends or nearby lists

  • Click on “Invite to Coin Flip” that is supposedly under the “SEND” option

  • A new window opens asking you to choose: TAIL or Head and requesting you to input the Sweatcoin amount for this bet

//To avoid gaming the system once you set an amount that same amount will be locked and reserved from your balance in Sweatcoin servers so you can’t send from your balance under that threshold until you cancel the invite or your opponent rejects it//

  • Sweatcoin servers will then check if your invited opponent has that amount if not you will then be asked to choose a lower amount

  • Once head or tail is chosen and the amount [50 Sweatcoin for this example] is set click send “Invite to Coin flip”

  • Your opponent will then receive a notification that looks like this: SweatcoinUsername has challenged you to a 50 Sweatcoin coinflip game :dollar:

  • Clicking on the notification will then open a window that displays the amount that your opponent is betting and “ACCEPT” & “REJECT” buttons

  • Clicking “ACCEPT” will then play a coin flip animation with 50/50 chance of winning

  • The winner will then be credited with the total of 100 Sweatcoin directly to his/her balance

NB: Optionally to make this profitable for the company and help sustain the overall Sweatcoin business a fee percentage can be deducted from that won balance that will go to Sweatcoin treasury

  • People who don’t want to receive coin flip invites can uncheck “Receive coin flip invites” option that is supposedly under SETTINGS but enabled by default for everybody

Happy Sweatcoining :confetti_ball:


I absolutely love this idea… another way to get that marathon offers!! So detailed and brilliant.

@Emma @Ashton @Phatt.One @Oleg


Let’s hope this idea finds its way to the final product soon :nerd_face::+1:


@jared this is a cooool idea lad.


Wow! Insanely we described :sunglasses::+1:t4: Sounds like a very good idea that would certainly drive engagement.


Prepare to lose all your coin to me :wink:


You realise that it would involve me entering as a challenger? Oh, and that I had coins to flip lol


Your have plenty by the time it’s out :laughing: