Come join the Warrior group on sweatcoin!


@ChrisUK… Nope, still the same issue… Link still sets up your own group


Clean ReInstall and same problem.


Anybody there???.. Is this issue sorted yet?


apologies for this weird issue

hopefully that fixes it


@ChrisUK… I’m afraid not, it still sets up my own personal group


This could be interesting then… I posted an invite to my group on Twitter this mornin :rofl:


Hi, I’m Victoria! I’m 26, a wife, and mother of 2! Come step with me!!!


Still waiting for the Sweatcoins devs to fix the personal group creator.


so many cool things they seem to have removed ;c


I was finally able to rejoin the group. Seems like they fixed it!


@ISh98 how? I dont even have a groups tab or something like that… and the link just leads me to an invite which, when clicked, leads me to the sweatcoin download


I clicked at the other invite link. Seems like the original one got broken.

And yes, it took me to the download page too


nothing happens. leads me to the download but even if I click open… no group or anything like that


Strange… Maybe it depends on the app version and the browser you use.

Try checking if your app is up to date, restarting the phone and trying other links.

I am using an Android, so it may be different for an iPhone


im using android as well and used chrome. if the google playstore isnt lying to me… the app is up-to-date.


firefox did the trick

now my “friends” tab looks completely different haha.
I didnt have the groups section before and followers + following as its own section… weird


Great to hear! Chrome has been doing trouble these years indeed and not only with Sweatcoin :joy:


@CastorZuse this, was supposed to be fixed 6 months ago…