Come join the Warrior group on sweatcoin!



I hope you are all well and safe during these times wherever you are around the world.

Today I’m announcing a group I have created and I offer you a place in that group today!

theres no catch whatsoever

Join today and be involved with many fellow steppers

  1. Constant challenges set up by me to keep you on your toes!

  2. Engagement

And more of course.

Join right now.


this is not a referral link

Thanks for reading hope to see you in the group :smiley:

I follow over 400 friends but can no longer see any of their steps

Invitation accepted and joined :+1:


@ChrisUK… Joined… Look forward to some challenges(Gulp!)


Have joined the group. Its nice to see a leader board set up again. But really have no chance of winning any prizes, when up against the Machine they call Phatt one!!!


@Seaside71 If it helps, I already Mentioned to @ChrisUK not to include me in any challenges. I’ve joined the group purely for the purpose of participation. Believe it or not, I’m not really competitive and I’m not (quite) so evil as to think being included in any challenges is particularly fair.

So, at present you are in the number 2 spot. Although, I have a feeling you’re gonna kick that into touch and take the lead Before the day is done :sunglasses::+1:t4:


@Phatt.One I’m more Interested in how you find the time to chalk up such huge amounts of steps per day. Are you Robocop​:grin::thinking:
My steps will greatly reduce for Sunday, as its my day off!!


Not according to the warranty card :rofl::man_facepalming:

Sorry, Little too used to that kind of question :rofl:
There is no massive secret to it, I’m just moving most of the time. I work a desk job but to avoid staying stationary all day, I cobbled together a desk over the treadmill. It also helps that I don’t really sleep As much as I could do. Many years of spending nights awake because of pain have near enough hard wired minimal sleep into my body clock. Although, if I have a bit of a wild night like a light last night, I can sleep for a few hours. And at 10 am my stock count is zero.


Well good for you, keeping active is good for the soul. But I will leave the Warrior Step group, seeing what I’m up against. I do my bit, then relax with my family, so not prepared to chase your high step counts each week. I just don’t have the time.


Thanks for the invite I’m in !


Noooo … Don’t leave the group. I would much prefer to leave myself until such time as there is a management or option to opt out of challenges than have anyone leave on my account. It is not my intention to be part of any challenge or to set any kind of count to be chased. ChrisUK has set this group up with the intention of it being an open community group for all users on the forum and the warriors discord server. It’s only right that it should be kept as friendly and openly accessible to users without feeling they are having to chase anything or anyone else’s achievements. All users deserve a fair shot at the number one spot in the challenges.
I am guessing it most likely that you are not alone in feeling this way and from my personal Sweatcoin journey, I would be lying if I said I didn’t understand. I have no wish to make anyone feel they need to leave or feel they are chasing what may seem impossible.

My part here is to encourage, help and motivate others wherever possible. Not to push users away or bring any ill feelings.

For now, I will remove my profile from the Warrior group. Perhaps if the option to opt out or not be included in challenges is introduced at some point, I may return. At present, it is probably much wiser that I am not a member of this group.

If you have already left the group, I personally encourage you to rejoin. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hey guys thank you so much for joining sorry to see you go mr @Phatt.One in these circumstances.

Again thank you all for joining I will be making a follow up post to try and give my feedback and yours to the devs to for changes on the great groups feature :smiley:.

I’ve just set up the next challenge that starts in 12 hours best of luck everyone :smiley:


Thanks ChrisUK :pray:
It’s no problem at all. I haven’t actually gone, just not participating. I don’t want to discourage any users, quite the opposite. That’s why I haven’t started any challenges in the phatt.pheet group.
The group feature and the challenges can be an awesome and fun motivational tool as the Leaderboards were of days gone by.
Although I’m not particularly competitive myself, the leaderboards, for me, turned into a list of goals to conquer.

There’s a healthy level of daily exercise, once over that, it’s mainly wear n tear. If anything, I should dial it back…
The Warrior group should be friendly and accessible to a majority of the Sweatcoin Community Forum and kept healthy for all.

If you go to the Boost page in the Sweatcoin app, there’s a funky lil video and further information.


Thank you, I am in the group!


Add me please GoGoBaBa’s STEP Warrior Group
Emrah Gökhan Kayan " GoGoBaBa "


@Kyle93. The Warrior Club group invite link is in this thread. Don’t panic, I’m not in the list of callengers :rofl:


Not too fussed lol.


@ChrisUK (Re) join me up. The link on the Join the Warrior group, just adds my own group, instead of joining the Warrior Group?


Me to
Same problem!?



Hmm that’s odd for sure. Try this new link

@Seaside71 @GoGoBaBa


! ?