Compensation based on weather


I had this idea on my mind yesterday when I was totally soaked with rain (because of the nice weather here in Holland). What if Sweatcoin gave a compensation on top of the normal SWC you earn when you’re walking/running outside if the weather isn’t optimal. Like if it rains, snows or hails, or when it’s just really cold, like below 2°C (35.6 °F). But also when it’s really hot like temperatures above 37°C (98.6°F). The GPS on your phone would locate where you walk and define which kind of weather and what temperature it is in that area. If it’s bad, you get a little compensation. How big that compensation is depends on how cold it is or how much it is raining/snowing (measured in mm/h) in your area. The compensation can variate between 0 - 50% extra per SWC. For example if it’s 15°C (59 °F) and it’s raining a little, you get a compensation of 5%, if it’s -5°C (23 °F) and it’s snowing you get a compensation of 50%. Just an extra reward for people who go for a walk/run when the weather isn’t really nice. Maybe this is just a stupid idea or wouldn’t even be achievable, but I thought this would be a fun and original addition to the app. Just want it to share it with you people.
Let me know what you think!


I have seen a very similar suggestion elsewhere and on the surface I quite like the idea. Possibly because here it is -1C and I have just walked back in through the door after passing the ‘Phattmobile’ covered in frost.
Although, on the surface I do like the idea, I also play devils advocate and look at the other important factors to consider. it is freezing outside, like most people would, I have dressed accordingly. Scuff around my neck, another on the old chrome dome (bald head), moisture control tshirt, thermal running shirt, thermal jacket, thermal silicone tipped gloves (touch screen). The only questionable item would be that even in these temperatures I still choose to wear shorts and compression socks. The point being that most people are acclimatised to their home country environments and make the necessary adaptions to their attire. Personally, I actually find it easier in my home country environment and weather system than when I am on foreign shores. For example, I regularly visit the Canary Islands but even though the weather is far better than in the UK, I find it a lot harder work to exercise as I do at home. Granted it was the heat in Greece that got me moving again but as a general rule I find it much easier in the colder wetter UK weather that in the warmer drier climates.
Again, this is only my personal opinion and is not a reflection on the validity of your suggestion. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


@Phatt.One Thank you for your feedback!

Yes, this is also what I was thinking when I came with the idea. some people just like very cold or very hot weather because they’re used to it. what is ‘normal’ weather? But I assume most people hate precipitation. So maybe only give people a compensation based on the amount of rain or snow in the area they’re located.


Hello @Arwout! Looks like you’ve been thinking really deep about this feature, and I fully understand what you have in mind: to award users who are doing the same thing in worse conditions.

However, I’m sorry to disagree with that, as it can motivate users to go out only when it’s snowing and raining. In my opinion, users should always go out and walk, but if you give them more rewards in bad weather conditions, it’s more worthy for them to walk at those days. Algoritham should stay the same when it comes to weather also because some countries, in Africa for example, never have rain and snow and some countries in north Europe have them very often. It’s unfair when you compare people from different parts of the world.

Please don’t understand this message as a hate, it’s a friendly, argumented and at the end my own opinion.

Wish you a beautiful day! :grin:


Hey! I know what you mean and I think indeed my idea is not achievable.
However, it was fun to think about it and to share it with y’all. That’s where this forum is for isn’t it? To discuss Ideas, help each other out and talking about improving the app. After all, thank you for your opinion, I appreciate it. And welcome on the Sweatcoin forum!:wink:


I fully agree @Arwout! Thank you! :heart: