Construction, phone usually stays in truck


Curious about the walking, Im in the construction field of my day consists of walking/carrying material to and fro. I leave my phone in my truck due to many previous broken phones. But I have my earpiece in, a jaspro 65t elite. It has GPS nearly as accurate as my phones. Curious when you may have an updated algorithm that will be able to use such technology.


Nice idea! But then there should also be a pedometer inside you earpiece for counting your steps, and I don’t know if that’s possible. But I’m not really a technical person, so maybe.


There are a multitude of wearable devices that have motion sensors and pedometer functionalities built in these days. We all know of Activity trackers in watches etc. Earpieces/earbuds are also one of the fairly popular wearables because people wear them for running and listening to music as well as audio coaching etc. If I remember rightly, Google Glass had activity tracking before its demise and some the latest AR and smart glasses (Recon, Vizux Blade, Epson Moverio etc.) also have on-board activity tracking.
However, at present, The Apple Watch series 2 or above are the only wearables that are supported by Sweatcoin.


As a new user and trying to figure out what is happening with my step conversion (which when wearing and utilizing a smartwatch) is terrible.

Does the system just not approve any steps that come from the watch? I use google fit on my phone and watch. I use the watch as I do not always have my phone on me. If this is the case, than that would be nice to know. I would have thought google fit is google fit and it syncs to the account.

I have emailed support about the issue and searched, but nothing seems to specify that is what is happening. If this is what is happening, then I will need to find a way to stop the watch from counting and still use the heart rate monitor. (I know this is not a tech support, I just want to understand the step conversion and why it is failing).



Hey @CRF_Jim

If using GoogleFit it sounds like you are running the Android version of Sweatcoin.

Unfortunately, at present Sweatcoin only supports Apple Watch gen2 or newer.
Hope is not all lost, there is talk of the tech team looking at possibilities to expand support to other wearables. Although models and dates can’t be confirmed at present it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled.

Hope this helps