Conversion commission


So, 5% conversion commission. I get it. But what is that 5% calculated from. The last few days my history looks like this. 7 coins in commission? 5% of what?

Can any one sort this out?


5% of every force send / earnt coins. Wether it be 1000 coins there taking 5% wether it be 100000000 coins there still only taking 5%. Every time you convert coins they take 5% regardless of value.

Hope this helps.


@Kyle93 Thanks. But, in my example: 7356 steps creating 13,97 coins (trouble maker) with a 7,7238 coins commission? That’s 5% of 154k!
Still don’t get it.


Yes something must not be right if your getting charged 7coins that is a lot. Ask @khmelev he’s a great great helping hand mate.


Thank you @Kyle93! Hey @BrinkenDad, it doesn’t look right, I strongly believe it is UI issue and you are not charged 7 SWC commission. I will pass this info over to the team who worked on Trouble Maker feature to take a look and fix it. Will get back early next week with more info.


Thanks @khmelev! For further info, this seems to have started after 13/5.


Thank you. Team came back to me and reported it should be already fixed. Could you please take a look?


@khmelev, yes now it looks as expected. Shure it just was an UI error, as it didn’t seem to affect total earnings. Thanks.