Conversion issues after the latest “cashout” update


Hello all so I’ve been having this issue for 3 days now

I have a conversion issue. Before this update my conversion of steps-coins was solid. I never had a problem with it however with the new cashout update to iOS in UK I’ve experienced a bad conversion rate for the last 3 days.

For example on the day the update went live I went into town and clocked over 13000 steps and only received 1.33 sweatcoin the second day I did around 12k and earned 3 sweatcoin and today I clocked around 8k and earned 2 sweatcoins. I’ve never had any issues with conversions before until now I’m not sure if any other users have this problem but seeing as this has happened 3 days in a row after just updating the app with “cashout option” I believe it to be a bug but please let me know if anyone has the cash out feature comment below your conversion rates.

Thank you for reading and thank you sweatcoin devs/staff for the hard work you are putting into this life changing app :grinning:



Has your conversion improved since this post or did you hear from any other users with the same issue at all? Hoping everything’s working for you now!


Hey there Emma and yes the issue has been resolved now I should’ve updated this post but I totally forgot :joy:. I had the issue for around 5-6 days but thankfully my conversion rates are back to normal and working fine and I’m happy :blush:


No worries - thanks for the update!