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Hi all! Do you find that the steps conversion rate is way lower with the new look?I was still using the old one, but now that it’s gone, I find I do much less SW even though I walk the same…opinions please?


I agree. The new version you can’t see how much you’ve physically done you’ve got to keep a eye on your wallet.


Example here.
On 18th I walked a total of 12,898 from which 10,694 were converted - with the old interface
Yesterday I had a total of 14,005 from which only 5,193 were converted


feels like they have slowed the conversion rate so people can’t claim prizes as quick. @khmelev why haven’t we got a choice for the old
Version. Feel like your not listening to your customers. We only want to see what conversion rates we have done etc. To be honest. I haven’t had a bad word to say about sweatcoin but however. You’ve changed the app a lot for the better and some for the worse in the last year… I feel like we are being a bit fobbed off.


The conversion rate should be 95% end of. The app has been going 5 years now and the conversion rate should be a given.

Maybe rather than paying 99p a month we should pay 56p and say I’ve paid in keeping with the conversion rate!


Lol love that mate. Seems fair.


I agree with you completely !


Conversion rate does not depend on the look. Please follow advices on this forum to adjust your phone’s settings, and read through this comment as well: New SWC app design

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