Conversion rate's gone Cuckoo again! And I'm giving up on the Boost feature


I’ve been reporting it for over 12 months.
“Give us your details so we can look at your account” - and then complete silence.


The last version I had that was semi-reliable was 16.1 - and even that was prone to off days! I downloaded that from apk last December because of all the problems I was having, and have had to go back to it a couple of times. I give every upgrade a go - currently running Android version 40.0


@Dude how do you go back to an older version, not very technically minded here!!!


Russell gave me the instruction in this thread

The version I go back to (16.1) doesn’t have the boost function, doesn’t include indoor steps, doesn’t have the three bonuses a day, and doesn’t give you double coins on TroubleMaker! Haven’t looked for other versions on there as everything since then has been as bad or worse.

You need to completely take your current version off the phone before you can reinstall an older one.


I’m on version 40 now, so those seem to be a bit behind the most recent updates. Whatever the last one was called worked fine, I’m guessing version 39?


Mine started up again yesterday(Monday) after 5 days of issues. So I hope yours is OK now too. No apologies or replacement of coins lost though!


We are sorry for any issues users experience within the app - as with everything, bugs may slip through occasionally as we update the app to bring users new, interesting features :slight_smile:

However, anytime issues like this do slip through our developers will instantly start work on fixing it - it may take a bit of time to identify and fix it and we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused during this time!


@Ashton while I have you here. How is the Beeswax issue coming along(if at all. I’m not expecting anything, but would be nice to hear back) Cheers


I’ve been reporting this as an issue for over 12 months. I’ve been asked for my account details a few times, so that someone at your end could ‘check things out’. I’ve never heard anything back, and the issue continues to surface at regular intervals. From my end there doesn’t appear to be any interest in fixing it :cry:


@cw18 it’s annoying isn’t it. Never an apology or replacement for coins lost either.


Hey - i’ve replied to your DM.


Hey @cw18 !
Whenever there is a step conversion issue, we manually check your steps and see what the issue is.
We’re currently working on a new update to our algorithm that will take good and bad conversion and we can train it to get your conversion as perfect as can be - verifying all real steps to sweatcoins :ok_hand:

This does take time and lot’s of data to perfect, and while we unfortunately can’t just release a fix for issues immediately, rest assured our developers are always working to improve your experience with sweatcoin :smiley:


So I’ve now had my Samsung A21S for 3 weeks.

Conversion is pretty much 100%
Boost works without my battery being drained or phone overheating

The App definitely has an issue with Motorola handsets, as I’ve not changed what I do or how I use the App - just the make of phone I run it on


@burg943854 having same problem


@Ashton @Emma
New update, same old problems. Steps and boost not converting to what they should be. I’m now a fully paid up Troublemaker member, and won’t be hushed, or taken no notice of through the regular Contact the creators email system.
I demand this is looked into ASAP, along with all that have these issues. Most importantly I want any lost coins reimbursed


Even with the app (currently) doing much better on my new handset, I’ve decided NOT to re-sign for TM. I only signed up in the first place as I was close to the PayPal payout, and that’s now disappeared.

I’ve been watching the auctions the last couple of weeks, and I’ve not seen anything of significant interest to me. From what they’ve offered so far, there’s been very little I’d use them against even if I had enough. And the difference in the winning bids for the same items has (in some cases) been astronomical - presumably down to the auction feature being rolled out to more members in between.

I’m also reading posts that suggest we can’t use coins from the daily bonuses against the auctions, but as I’m on Android I have no way of seeing how many I do have that I can use (apparently the app shows this on Apple devices!)

With only one auction item every 2 days, I don’t rate my chances of ever winning anything. That’s 180-ish items a year, and I’m sure there must be a lot more members than that… If the basic app weren’t free to use (and I didn’t do as many steps as I do due to work) I’d be washing my hands of it at this moment in time. I’m certainly not going to recommend it to friends and family!

55" TV (too big for me). 17,500 on 16/10. 19,750.01 on 30/10.

Ragun Pro (would be interested to ‘play’ with it, but feels like a waste of coins). 7,394.54 on 18/10. 16,500 on 17/11 (that’s more than doubled!!)

Nike gift card (don’t like Nike stuff, but my grand-daughters might be happy to split it amongst themselves). 16,200.01 on 20/10. 18,963 on 13/11.

Quest 2 (no use to me whatsoever). 11,999.99 on 22/10.

Soundbar (no interest at all). 15,000 on 24/10. 16,400 on 15/11.

Cosmetics gift card (my eldest grand-daughter would probably love me for years). 8,566 on 26/10.

Drone (no thanks). 18,000 on 28/10.

Amazon gift card (yes please). 19,900 on 1/11 (don’t have that many in total in my account, and reckon this is one that will only ever increase in cost.)

Peleton bike (could live with it although I have a stationary bike that’s adequate for how much I use it). 18,889.22 on 3/11.

Smart speaker (no interest). 14,000.01 on 5/11.

Lulemon gift card (went for a look - no thanks). 14,525 on 7/11.

GoPro (wouldn’t ever use). 17,000.05 on 9/11.

xBox (my older son might like!) 17,150.01 on 11/11.

PS5 (one for my younger son) 20,000 on 19/11. I can understand this one going for ‘big bucks’, but reading the terms they’re not even guaranteed to receive the item - they may get a cash equivalent ‘in the event the item is unavailable’ :open_mouth: But that’s still only worth half the value of the Paypal cash out we were aiming for using that number of coins.

And that’s the other thing. They don’t even guarantee you’ll receive what you’re bidding on. I’d possibly bid on some items if I knew for sure I’d get the cash instead, but for something like the PS5 I’d be wanting the actual item as I hear they’re like gold dust in the stores.


Started working again for about a week, and then the boost wouldn’t convert, and Sweatcoin edition 42.0 is playing up and not converting properly again


Playing up again. No help or apologies from up above😔 or coins rewarded to my account for the app not working properly. I should have earned 100 coins in the days its not been working properly AGAIN


What make of phone are you using these days?

I’ve not (touch wood) had any problems since I switched from Motorola to Samsung just over a month ago - other than one day when none of my step counting apps registered any movement, so clearly my phone went cuckoo that day.

I can even use the boost function now. No phone overheating or battery draining superfast with that since I changed.


I’m ona Huawei device. Which worked absolutely fine from the summer until a couple of weeks ago. So it’s not my phone!!! As suggested by one member of the team on a different thread on here…