Conversion rate's gone Cuckoo again! And I'm giving up on the Boost feature


New version updated again, yesterday, and it’s gotten worse. 24k in steps, and only got 4.7 coins…


why did you not get the peloton bike
It’s 2495 us dollars in cash :man_facepalming:


If I knew I’d get the cash alternative it would be a good idea, but it’s not something I’d want to make houseroom for if I got the actual item. And after several years of walking & running to collect the Sweatcoins, I want to get something I’ll enjoy using.


It was the best item ever on sweatcoin talking about cash value, you can get whatever you want
The newest iphone and the airpod max? Quite possibly


They gonna give you straight cash, otherwise you will be under the massive shipping fee and hassle


And it’s been all of about 3 to 4 weeks of good conversions, although I have to switch on my WiFi when I’m out, to start the Boost section!!!
And from yesterday, the day the App says to upgrade to the new version, the step conversion and boost conversion turn to CRAP… So not worth complaining, as they never Ever fix anything. All I’m told is to check my settings and then uninstall. So looks I’m going to be doing that for the next week or two, as that’s how long these issues take to resolve.
So glad I don’t pay for this app anymore. Bloody awful customer services, and rude management that come on here, and talk down to people


Day 9…9 uninstalls, and 2 updates later. And still the conversions to my steps are WAY off.
Let’s see if it can beat my record of going a whole month of being totally awful :sob:


Why you still bothering if it’s causing you stress
Lol… or get a diff phone lol


@Kyle93. Because this is a new phone. But unbeknown to me, apparently Huawei phones aren’t very compatible with the App. But when doing a check on my phone, all was working fine my end, so it’s a Huawei issue according to the Sweatcoin bods. But they can’t explain, why the app will work for a month, and then not, when I do nothing to change any settings. So it’s there issue, but too lazy to find a solution.
As for my not leaving, I’m close to it… I mean what’s the point anymore. Unless you get TM, and get over 20k on swc… Which I’m not going to do, when the app goes all Pete Tong on a regular basis.
Plus I like to come on here and moan, and let people see, how useless this company can be!!


Day 10…20500 steps, 4swc earned.
Uninstall again… See if it improves. At least the bonus part worked for the first time in 10 days. Making progress :joy:


10,000+ steps 0.33 SWC

Seems to go to pot after certain updates

Had issues since last update, 19,000+ steps getting under 10 SWC


Day 12 still no help from customer services. Uninstalled, again, settings are correct. Steps are counting, but not converting.
Happens every month.
I won’t get any compensation or apology either.
But I’m a stubborn, patient guy, and want people to know that if you have a Huawei phone, don’t bother with this App!


And my experiences say that Motorola don’t cope with it much better.

Had a LOT more success since switching to Samsung.


This app never works well with something other than iphone or samsung


There should ge a disclaimer when loafing the app, as to which phones work best with the App.
I suggested this, but got met with the usual stoney silence
Let’s see if I get another 2 weeks of crap awful swc conversions!


Yup, 10k in steps, and I get 1.09 swc… Put in another complaint, and uninstall again