Converting steps into currency


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One of the biggest criticisms we receive from Sweatcoin users is that their conversion rate of steps into sweatcoins is not as high as they’d like. Currently, the average user converts about 65% of their total phone steps into sweatcoins. Whilst we would love this percentage to be higher, we wanted to provide a bit…


Maybe the reason why some users experience a weaker conversion rate of their steps into Sweatcoins, is because they might have their iron keys in the same pants pocket where their phone is. (Grinder, keys, € coins might affect the signal or the tracking, or somehow…idk its an idea).

Another reason could be that some settings in their device has to be changed. Many apps have trackers, so maybe disable all the tracking from the other apps and only keep those ON which You really need in daily life.

Another possible reason could be that the smart phone might bounce too much or too little in the pants while walking or running. So try to walk or run 100 steps and try to tighten up your phone more or wear pants with bigger pockets. The result should be very clear :slight_smile:


Went through all your settings on my phone. It’s counting most of my steps but not converting to cryptocurrency. Why? I’m outdoors and have gps and mobile data enabled.


Having same problem myself. 11k steps today. Cash out, $0.15. All settings are maxed, checked GPS and everything is in the green there. Still getting low returns. Training truck drivers means I Walk an average of 6 miles a day. SC can’t keep up.


Wjay did u do about it