Counting steps but not converting anything


I know this may be a really stupid question.
But y’all gave Sweatcoin permission for knowing your location? Because after the new IOS update I had to give them permission again for some reason. This may be the reason:


Yes of course. I’m using Android btw.


I take it no one has heard anything. I just noticed today that mine’s been doing the same thing for the past 4 days. And it’s the only time that it’s put 0 outdoor steps in the history. It normally skips the day.


I have noticed the same issue for the past couple of days. Today 13,266 steps 0.27 sweatcoins. Yesterday no steps counted and zero coins.
I have location set to Always Allow (latest iOS as of today).


I’ve had this problem as well. A brief blip of 0.07 coins mid-week but nothing else since the 4th November.
I think it has been resolved since updating to iOS 13.2.2 and allowing Sweatcoin to use my location Always again.
For other users, including Android ones, try to disable location sharing to Sweatcoin completely (e.g. Never rather than Always). Delete and reinstall the app then allow location sharing again.


I have monitored on iOS 13.2.2 for a couple days now and agree it does look like it is working again.


Same here. No steps have been converted the past month, since I switched from S7 to S10+. The steps are being counted but they’re just not converting :pensive:


Those of you that are on android phone, please read the post at the link at the bottom of this post. I know that all of you would like the app to be better. well here is your chance. consider joining the beta test group


Hello all,

I have a Huawei phone and the same problem. Only 1/9 of the steps made are taken into account. Very frustrating!


I’m in the same job and get the same problem. Every few days it works ok,then I only get about 2 coins converted from 10000 steps onwards
No apologies, NOTHING


Not converted to coins,yet again


I have walked 15000 steps today and slightly less yesterday, but I have received less than 1 sweatcoin each


Why won’t my step transfer. This is todays and yesterday.


Morning all I’ve just noticed loads of my steps haven’t converted, any help will do, thanks, lee



Has anyone got any idea as I have had no reply yet, thanks in advance,


Has anybody gotten any help. I messaged helpcenter, said find results in forums… but, NOTHING


Same thing is happening to me. Steps are being counted but very few if any are being converted. Sure wish someone would give us some guidance



I bet customer services didn’t apologies… if you actually got a human being to reply instead of the automated email reply that’s the new standard in very bad customer services


Hey nothing I do helps me I’ve tried everything it shows my steps but it I’m still at 0.95


Nearly SC4,500 over 14 months with very few issues and now this. All steps being counted (15,000-20,000 each work day) but now not converting at all. Like this for me for last 8 days. No links to customer service. Have deleted and reinstalled and checked all settings. Pissed off to say the least :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: