Cryptocurrency Trading


Do you think you could make Sweatcoins available on on crypto Trading sites?


I believe it is the goal of sweatcoin one day mate.


It is simply impossible.


How so my friends ???


not impossible, Other sites / apps have such options. Namely COIN and YNG, they work by geomining, thus generating coins but not on a per step basis, those can be swapped for BTC or ETH. However no where near the swap amount on those. I believe @Phattone was on these too. For SWC to be a veritable Cyrpto it would need to be listed on the exchange, i don’t believe it has yet. However if we base the coins on a physical item, eg, TV or Iphone they had a cash amount per coin.
Nearest i got was using the Luno Offer a while back nd swapping SC for BTC. That would be a good offer to return.


Indeed I have used both the app for generating YNG tokens and the COIN app to geomine XYO tokens and apparently a daily dose of HODL or whatever its called. As you can see, I’m well into all this crypto lark :rofl:

It is worth mentioning that YNG aren’t technically a crypto token, although the Young platform operates YNG on the same issuing principles as others and I believe have somehow even managed to be listed on some trading indexes (possibly those operating in a similar misleading way). If you were to look up the official trading token value, it reads as NIL. The Young platform is actually just another list and trading exchange platform. YNG tokens offer the owner discounts on transactions when purchased using the Young Exchange platform. It’s basically an entry level trading platform operated to help new users learn about trading and the cryptocurrency market. That isn’t to suggest anything particularly bad, only to highlight the actual nature of the token. They don’t really go out of their way to try and hide their position and from what I have found in my digging, it seems to be quite a good little scheme for anyone who is new to trading and possibly even the more adept trader.
It is worth mentioning that I myself actually have no particular interest in crypto trading at all. My interest has only really been to see how the apps motivate users to pursue regular exercise. In the care of the Young Platform, it just didn’t seem to make any sense that the tokens could actually have a monetary value when generating the tokens didn’t actually involve any true effort physically or by any hash resolution. Basically, my own cynicism and nosey nature led to a compulsive need for further investigation. :man_facepalming:


It’s not a cryptocurrency so it’s impossible.

Even if it will be added to the market, it doesn’t have a crypto-algorithm, making it unstable on the market.

Also it may work similarly to Dogecoin with infinite supply, making it very cheap, but Dogecoin on the other hand is inside the block network.

In other words, they simply don’t work the same way.


Imagine a world where we could use our hard working sweat to pay for everyday ammenities. I am looking forward to the day where I can pay my mortgage with sweat :joy:.


I wasn’t aware of this. Very good to know. Thanks for sharing!


I hope so! I am investing in cryptocurrency!


would be good to have the Luno Offer return as that was my first step into Crypto a while back.